It’s all about: 9 must-buy food items from Thailand

If you are enjoying Thai food, why not bring it home with you? There are few snacks and food products that you can buy home from local supermarket. You can find below items in many supermarkets and the best part is, it is local price. Once my foreign friend asked if she should buy food back from the airport, immediately I brought her to one of our local supermarkets. Of course it will be cheaper and more variety.

These are 9 items that it is a ‘must’ buy;
1. Tuna spread

This is a to-go snack or even include in your meal. Tuna spread comes with 1 can of tuna spread seasoned with mayonnaise, onion and water chestnuts and  2 packs of crackers. There are also tuna with nori (seaweed) and salmon spread. Personally I love this classic tuna spread the most.

You can enjoy the spread on the crackers, in sandwiches with fresh tomatoes and lettuces, or in your salad. Why don’t you try healthier choice of snack?

2. Crispy seaweed

Famous Tao Kae Noi seaweed can be found in other countries now but since you are in Thailand why not buy some. Tao Kae in Thai-Chinese means Boss, Noi means small or little. So this brand is translated into ‘Small boss’ as the owner is a young man who started up this business from scrap with the love of seaweed himself.

Currently there is variety of flavor and packaging. I have tried many flavors but I still prefer original taste (green package) and seafood flavor (blue package). It can be eaten as snack or you can shred and sprinkle on your white rice. Give it a try.

3. Koh-Kae peanut

Coated peanut with flavored flour is unstoppable. Try this on your couch in front of your TV, you will realize that one package is not enough. There are many flavors but the top 3 that I recommend;

  • Original Coconut cream flavor
  • Chicken flavor (green)
  • Bar-b-q flavor (red)

4. Papaya liquorice

Preserved papaya is one of the best especially if you have motion sickness or craving for something salty to wake you up while at work or in class. There are many preserved papaya and even other fruits but I would suggest you to try this brand, exactly this. The appearance of this snack might not be satisfying to your eyes but once you try this, you will not be able to stop taking another piece.

5. Thai tea leaves

Are you a tea lover? If yes, then you should try Thai tea. The special thing about this tea is the orange color and special aromatic. In the old  day, coffee shop will use a fabric tea bag to filter out the tea leaves before serving. It can be drank with milk, or without milk.

Now it is easy for buyers to buy the tea leaves in a separate tea bag. Just put in your cup and pour hot water, add some sugar and milk.

6. Vermicelli

Actually there are so many brands for vermicelli but I found that this brand give you the soft but springy texture. Since vermicelli is made from green beans, it is considered healthier choice of noodles especially if you want to control your diet.

You can cook vermicelli in Suki (Thai hot pot), vermicelli salad or clay pot prawn or crab with vermicelli.

7. Satay seasoning mix

Meat on skewers is very famous street food in Thailand. The taste of spices and aroma of coconut milk with that rich peanut dipping sauce and sweet and sour pickle cucumber salad will make your mouth watery. With this seasoning mix package, you only need few ingredients; meat of your choice, coconut milk for the meat skewers. You can put on your grill or broil in your oven.

The instruction is at the back of the package.

8. Curry paste

You can cook Thai curry at home without pounding the curry paste yourself, how convenient. There are a lot, and I mean a lot of pre-made pastes available on the shelf. Here are some of my favorite. If you cannot take spicy curry, I would suggest to try Massaman curry as this is the least spicy followed by yellow curry and green curry. When you cook, you can try to slowly add the curry paste and taste to your liking.

Serve the curry with warm rice, rice noodles, bread or roti (Indian flat bread), or even pasta.

From left to right

  • Yellow curry paste – ingredients needed are coconut milk, meat, potato and onion
  • Green curry paste – ingredients needed are coconut milk, meat, vegetables of your choice (eggplants, sweet basil, kaffir lime leaves are recommended but if you cannot find those, it is ok) and chili
  • Masaman curry paste – ingredients needed are coconut milk, meat, potato and raw peanut

The instruction is at the back of the package.

It’s all about: Thai Yellow Curry recipe

9. Instant porridge

Lazy to prepare and cook breakfast? This instant porridge will be your best friend. Just add hot water and egg, then there is it warm and tasty breakfast on your lazy or even rush morning. If you have more time, you can boil the porridge and add in some mince meat, egg and sprinkle with spring onion before serving.

The instruction is at the back of the package.

Yo-liciously yours,


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