It’s all about: finally I am ovulated, our infertility journey#5

Our infertility journey #5

We went back to Bangkok in November 2014. I had an appointment with fertility doctor there. I was given pills Clomiphene Citrate 50 mg (Ovinum) to help me ovulate which needed to be taken on day 3-7 of the cycle, 2 pills a day in the morning and at night. I wrote down some symptoms that I had:

  • 7 Nov 14 (day 3): Took first pill
  • 17 Nov 14 (day 13): LOVE
  • 21 Nov 14 (day 17): Got discharge like egg white LOVE
  • 23 Nov 14 (day 19): Tummy ache and backache
  • 24 Nov 14 (day 20): Sensitive nipples LOVE
  • 25 Nov 14 (day 21): Sensitive nipples and tummy ache
  • 6 Dec 14 (day 32): Tired and very sleepy

When my period was late by a day, I was so frustrated because I did not want my cycle to be prolonged and irregular. On 9 December 2014 (day 35), I felt like period cramp but I had a feeling that I should do the test and so I did. I waited for about 1-2 minutes and as expected one line. I threw it away in my toilet dustbin. My husband had Christmas party with his friends so I bought my own dinner. At night before we go to bed, I was brushing my teeth and then something told me to pick up the test from the dustbin. When I looked at it, it was fainted ‘second’ line there. I rushed out from the toilet and show my husband the test. We both saw 2 lines!


The next morning I did the test again with my first morning urine. AGHHHH definitely 2 lines there. We were very excited and didn’t expect this at all. I went to office as usual but I had diarrhea together with lower back ache. I couldn’t sleep well at night because my stomach was uncomfortable. The next day I went to see GP after 2 times diarrhea in the morning. The doctor suspected I had stomach flu with slight fever at 37.4 C. I told doctor about my home pregnancy test so he refered me to specialist at NUH.

Waiting at the hospital I was very nervous. When it was my turn, the doctor did ultrasound on my tummy. She said there were few follicles in the ovary but cannot find any baby sack so she did vaginal ultrasound but again saw nothing.  I was arranged for blood test for beta HCG. 2 hours of waiting, the result came out and my HCG was 47 U/L. The doctor told me to relax and maybe it was too early to see anything at that point.

  • 12 Dec 14 (day 38): Diarrhea and tummy ache
  • 13 Dec 14 (day 39): Tummy ache and period-like cramp
  • 15 Dec 14 (day 41): Left side tummy pain every 1-2 hours, lower back pain and needed to ly down on sofa and put hot pack to reduce the pain

It was on 16 December 2014 that I cried like nobody business. I reached office in the morning then I felt something was not right. I went to the toilet and I was spotting. I rushed down to nearest hospital SGH Singapore General Hospital. At A&E, I did urine test and went in the waiting area with husband. Then I saw the doctor on duty. He said the urine test was negative and requested for blood test for me. While waiting, I went to toilet couple of times and there were more and more blood clot coming out. I already knew it was the end. After 2 hours waiting for the result, finally it came. We went back in to see doctor and my beta HCG went down to 8.2 U/L. We were told that this was called something like “early miscarriage” or chemical pregnancy.

My heart sank.

Three years passed, “Nothing happen, No baby yet”.

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it’s all about: cheap sushi at Sushi Express only S$1.50 per plate

Sushi Express has few outlets in Singapore. The one we visited is at CityLink Mall. There are many items for you to select from the conveyor belt including sashimi, nigiri as well as desserts. You can request for the dish that is on the menu but not on conveyor belt from the staff.

Everything is at SGD 1.50 (around USD 1.00) per plate before service charge and GST. Personally I think the price and quality of the food is reasonable. After long walk and window shopping in big mall at Suntec City, you can just come here and snacking on few dishes. Or if you want to have this for lunch or dinner, these small plates of sushi can also fill you up.

You can have Japanese preserved ginger for free which go along very well with the sushi. The ginger will be in a bowl on the conveyor belt. You take just enough and put it back on the belt for others. Soy sauce and wasabi are on alternate stations on your table.

Free flow hot Japanese green tea is available with hot water tab for you to refill your drink. We always enjoy ourselves snacking at this restaurant in the afternoon; relaxing and drinking hot Japanese green tea.

Address: #B1-23 CityLink Mall, 1 Raffles Link, 039393 (opening daily from 11.00 am to 10.00 pm). Nearest MRT is City Hall station.

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It’s all about: PCOS, our infertility journey#4

Our infertility journey# 4

I was so scared and very disappointed when the doctor first told us that I have PCOS. Maybe this was all along the reason why we cannot conceive. I was very sad.

When we were referred to specialist at Mouth Elizabeth, the doctor explained to me about PCOS. Normally alternate ovary will produce few eggs each month or each cycle. Only one dominant egg will grow to the size that is ready to be fertilized. The rest of the ungrown eggs will slowly die out and disappear. The dominant egg will then move out from ovary to fallopian tube. For those with PCOS, there will not be dominant egg but all small eggs that are not the right size. No egg will be released or no ovulation in this sense.

Refer to my case of stomach ache due to fluid in my reproductive organ, the small eggs which didn’t grow to the right size changed into water bag. Usually for women with PCOS, the obvious symptoms would include long and irregular cycle due to no ovulation, overweight and diabetes. For myself, it was still considered not so bad since my cycle is regular even though it was longer than usual 28 days and I am not overweight but in face a bit under weight.

I made another appointment with NUH clinic again. This time we saw lady doctor. She read the past record and confirmed that I have PCOS but nothing to worry about because my cycle is regular. Polycyclic Ovary Syndrome is quite common and still can try for baby. I came home and did some research online and many women with PCOS can still have baby even naturally. So my hope was still there. Some articles suggested to eat more duck egg, soy bean milk and dark green vegetables.

It’s all about: finally I am ovulated, our infertility journey#5

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It’s all about: Thai Yellow Curry recipe

This is very simple curry which make an easy meal for your family. This curry is not very spicy compared to green curry so if you wanted to try Thai curry, just buy yellow curry. You can add more water if you find it too spicy.

This recipe makes around 4-5 portions.

What you need…

  • 2 chicken breasts or any kind of meat of your choice
  • 1 onion
  • 2 potatoes
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 cup of coconut milk
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 package of Thai yellow curry paste
  • Fish sauce and coconut sugar to taste

How to cook…

  1. Pour coconut milk into a pot and add yellow curry paste. You might need spoon to scoop out all the curry in the package.
  2. Once boil, add chicken breasts or other meat in. At this point add carrots if you like them soft (I like to add carrots but original recipe has no carrot so you can leave this out if you don’t like)
  3. When the meats are cooked, add onion and water and boil for another 5 minutes
  4. Finally add potatoes and cook around 10 minutes more or until potatoes are cooked.
  5. You can season with fish sauce (or salt) and coconut sugar (or normal sugar) to your liking

You can serve hot yellow curry with white rice, bread or even pasta.

Note: depending on the type of coconut milk, if the curry has too much oil on the surface just take it out using spoon.

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It’s all about: protecting your hair from chlorine

When I started my swimming routine for only a week, I realized my hair was very dry and fussy from the chlorine in the swimming pool. I have long straight hair and every time I brush my hair, they all tangled which never happen before, so frustrated. So instead of just washing with only normal shampoo as usual, I started 3 steps for my hair treatment.

Step 1 shampoo: I tried to change shampoo but my hair still not better. Until I found this shampoo from L’Oreal kids. Usually kid shampoo has lesser chemical and gentle on the hair and scalp. L’Oreal kids has few shampoo products and the one I got is especially for swim and sport. I felt that this shampoo did help to remove the chlorine smell and left with nice orangey scent. I have been using this shampoo after swimming. I would recommend to those who love to swim but facing the same hair damage problem.

Step 2 conditioner: Normally I do not use hair conditioner because I feel that it left my hair with greasy feeling, like washing hair not clean. However, I found that using conditioner only at the tip of the hair would help to repair the damage. Any kinds of hair conditioner would do in my opinion. The one that I got was coconut oil conditioner from Thailand. I only put at the tip of my hair and leave it on for about 1-2 minutes before rinsing off. I heard that coconut oil is very good on the hair to make your hair thickening and shiny.

Step 3 hair serum or leave on conditioner: Cool blow dry is good for the hair. I do not like to use hot air to dry my hair as it will damage the hair even more. Once my hair is not so wet I will put the hair serum on at the tip of the hair and run my fingers through my hair. Just use one pump of the serum is enough. I got this hair serum from Thailand but actually any other oil based hair leave on treatment is ok. Then I will leave my hair to dry naturally.

Now my hair is soft and no longer dry and fussy.

Lastly I recommended to get a silicone swimming cap, the one that professional swimmers use. It helps to prevent about 90% of chlorine to damage your hair. Your hair will be mostly dry under the cap.

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It’s all about: A&E before sun rise, our infertility journey#3

Our infertility journey #3

It was around 5 am on 2 October 2013 (day 23 of my cycle) I was waken up by stomach ache. I usually have stomach ache and I thought this was just like the other times which will go away after few minutes or up to half an hour for more serious pain. However I was wrong. I couldn’t sleep for an hour and the pain did not go away. It felt like someone was squeezing the juice out of your stomach or intestines or whatever it was. I was sweating in an air-conditioning room but my feet were very cold. About 6 am, I couldn’t take it anymore so we rushed down to the nearest hospital KTPH which we were considered lucky to have one about 10 minutes away from home.

Once we reached A&E, I still needed to do registration and pre check up. I remembered trying to stand up but my tummy didn’t allow me to stand up straight. I was standing like a cook shrimp then the nurse wheeled me a wheelchair. After that I did urine test and wait outside in the waiting area. One nurse came over and asked the level of my pain, I told her it was around 8 out of 10. Then she wheeled me in to the A&E ward and my husband was left outside. After few minutes one doctor came over to examine my stomach. The pain was majority everywhere but more on the right side of the lower stomach. The doctor then explained that stomach ache in men and women were not the same. For women there were many organs and more complicated so he couldn’t rule out whether it was appendix or something else.

Then my husband was called in since the doctor suggested to do CT scan. We discussed and agreed to do the scan. The nurse took my blood to ensure no kidney issue. Then injected me with 5 mg of morphine to reduce the pain. In just about less than a minute, the medicine ran through my body and I couldn’t feel my body, no strength to even sit up. Was it ‘high’ feeling? I requested to ly down but inside A&E there were full of patients. The nurse pushed one extra bed for me and slot me in between 2 beds. I felt very dizzy and my body felt like boiled vegetable, no strength at all.

After waiting for the blood result for the kidney for more than an hour, it was good to go and I changed into hospital gown preparing for CT scan. It was my first time in A&E, foreign country, CT scan, injections, and ALONE. My husband wasn’t allowed to come in so he waited outside for many hours with no news about his wife.

No more pain after the morphine but I still on the bed. The nurse pushed my bed to the room with big silver machine for the scan. I moved from the bed to very cold table-like. My hands were very cold, I was very scared. I was told that the machine will inject medicine through my arm where I had one needle already poked into my skin. But before the procedure started, the nurse injected water into my body and also my bottom! I was not sure why but it was like to test for the fluid flow. Then it stared, the machine told me what to do like take a deep breath and hold. Once the medicine was injected to my body, I felt sudden warmth. It was not painful feeling but more uncomfortable. The machine repeated the same process 3 times then I was done and moved on to the X-Ray.

I was pushed out on my old extra bed to the same slot between beds again. While waiting for result of CT scan, I was given one bag of saline which last about 4 hours. After the result was out, the doctor came back and told me that there was water in my right side of reproductive organ and some water also in the liver. I was then referred to specialist to do further check which the hospital will send letter of appointment to us later. At this time, my husband came in. I cried when I saw him because I was very scared and thinking that this was the reason we cannot conceive. Around noon, I was discharged and went home. I had fever the day after and also sore throat.

I didn’t wait for the hospital to arrange for the specialist. A week after, I went to GP to request for referral letter. I went to one specialist at private clinic in Mouth Elizabeth Hospital. After examination, the doctor concluded to me that I had PCOS – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. He looked at my previous tests which I brought with me from NUH and it was stated that I had PCOS as well. However it was not conveyed to us from the doctor at NUH.

“Nothing happen, No baby yet”.

It’s all about: PCOS, our infertility journey#4

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It’s all about: balloon maze at Marina Square Singapore 18-19 Jun 16

There is an event for school holiday arranged by PA People Association in Singapore, Marina Square. You can apply or renew Passion Card at special fee at SGD 12 for 5 years.


The balloon museum is a balloon maze for young children. Each kid will go in the maze one at a time with the help of the PA staff so they will eventually find the way out. If they take less than 4 minutes to come out from the maze, they will get Minion balloon each. There are also other fun stations: candle making, stamp and paint, hair clip craft and balloon sculpting workshop.


Until around 6 pm the maze will transformed into balloon exhibitions. You can go in and take picture with all the cute and creative balloon arts.

Address: Marina Square (18-19 Jun 16 at 11.00 am to 09.00 pm)

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It’s all about: Ramen Bar Suzuki with free flow side dishes

There are many Japanese ramen restaurants in Singapore that offer free flow hard-boiled eggs which usually go along with ramen. My first time trying ramen at Ramen Bar Suzuki. We reached there around 11.50. The place was quite small which can accommodate around 20 ish customers inside and around 10 outside on high stools. If you come late, there will be long que outside the restaurant.

We wrote our order in an order form, one form for one customer. First to choose type of ramen soup, then the texture of noodles and you can also add more ingredients like seaweed or egg.

We sat down at our table while waiting for our ramen, we can enjoy free flows side dishes. Hard boiled eggs were placed on each table, I like to peel and put in my hot ramen broth. There was a station for spicy bean sprouts and mash potato salad, just take what you can eat.

I ordered Pure white tonkotsu ramen with pork shoulder chashu. There are 2 choices; pork shoulder which is more lean or pork belly. See the size of that chashu pork. It’s huge! Personally I like chashu the most followed by the soup which is not too salty and the flavor is just nice go along with thin noodles.

Love the Japanese tea here. The restaurant provides free cold tea for customers. It has special fragrant and flavor. It was very refreshing after eating hot ramen.

Address: 61 Circular Rd, Singapore 049415

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It’s all about: first doctor visit, our infertility journey#2

Our infertility journey #2

In February 2013, we wanted to make sure that both of us did not have any (serious) problems. So we decided to go for fertility check up. There is government subsidy in Singapore for Singaporean/ Permanent Resident couples for fertility treatment. We visited GP in one of the polyclinics nearby our place for the referral letter for fertility clinic at the hospital. When we reached polyclinics, we did not request for any specific doctor as any doctors will do. It was our turn and when we entered the room, ‘surprise’, the doctor was my husband’s school friend.

After we had small talks, the doctor recommended us to NUH National University Hospital for further tests. We made the appointment with Clinic G – Obstetrics & Gynaecology Clinic. Our first visit was around April 2013. Since we were in subsidized program, we were not able to choose the doctor which mean no dedicated doctor for us every time we visit. I had my blood test and PAP smear done and for my husband, he was arranged for the semen collection and I had my second-day period appointment for the ultrasound.

We visited the clinic to hear the result of our tests again about 2 weeks later. It was very long waiting (at least an hour) before our turn to see the doctor even though we were earlier than our appointment time. We saw another doctor and he showed us the results of both our tests. There were few pages for my result and one page for my husband. The doctor told us that both of us were fine and no big issue with fertility. He suggested to still try naturally and come back after few months if still not succeed. We agreed and went home.

I soon discovered a new way of checking ovulation which is called ‘LH test strip’. This strip will test LH or luteinizing hormone where women body will produce to regulate menstrual cycle and ovulation. LH test will indicate ovulation only when the test line is equal or darker than the control line. I bought like 90 strips online and I kept on testing when it was near to my ‘ovulation’ period according to the application on my smart phone (yes, I still used it). So I stopped the daily temperature check. But I had no idea why my test line never become the same or darker color than the control line. Does that mean…I am not ovulating???

“Nothing happen, No baby yet”.

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It’s all about: Isshin Japanese Restaurant, prawn prawn prawn

I love Japanese food but unlike others, no raw for me. I know I know, first thing when people think of Japanese food is sushi and sashimi. Raw fish is not my forte but I can guarantee you that non-raw is also very delicious.

Isshin Japanese Restaurant is located at Republic Plaza, one of the tallest building in Singapore. You can easily walk from Raffles Place MRT. The restaurant is mainly served office crowd for lunch and dinner so take note of opening hours (at the bottom of the page).

It was Tuesday noon when we visited Isshin restaurant. We reached around 11.45 and there was only 1 table with 2 customers, how lucky. We quickly went in and order our food as I was so starving. 

We ordered one of the set lunch. I couldn’t remember the name of this dish but it was something like Ebi set lunch. This set comes with salad with Japanese sesame dressing, rice and miso soup and one raw egg. There were 3 big prawns coated in panko, Japanese style breadcrumb in a mini pot with fire below. We were  not sure if we did it right, but we just pour in the raw egg and cover for few seconds. The broth was very delicious, sweet and salty and has the taste of the seaweed sprinkle on top.

This tempura set comes with salad with Japanese sesame dressing, rice (with seaweed and sesame seasoning on top) and miso soup and I believe, tempura salmon roll with sweet sauce. Tempura platter consists of 2 big prawns, a big piece of salmon fillet, baby corn, slice of eggplant, sweet potato, pumpkin, shiitake mushroom. Everything was coated beautifully in crispy tempura batter with mild dipping sauce.

The most favorite of this meal was the tempura salmon roll. It was really good and it went very well with that sauce. I remembered flipping the menu and saw some non-raw roll and maki, next time I will try.

While we were eating, there were quite a lot of people started to come in around 12+. For the price, it was ok for Japanese restaurant but a little bit in higher range. But I have to say with all the meat and ingredients, it worth the price.

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 11am – 3pm, 6pm – 9.30pm, Sat: 12noon – 3pm, closed on Sundays and PH

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