It’s all about: temperature check, our infertility journey#1

Our infertility journey #1

There are many applications you can download on your smartphone nowadays where you can note down your cycle and it will calculate your “ovulation” date. To know your cycle, you will need few months to record your first day of period and duration of it. If you already know your cycle, then you can kick off earlier. I started to count my cycle in January 2012, for few months I realized that my cycle is 33-34 days which explained  why I did not have period every month.

Of course I used one application to calculate ovulation date. We tried for few months but still not success. In August 2012, my mother introduced me to old-fashioned method, to check body temperature every morning. This method I must say is very tedious as it will work well if you had enough sleep without getting up to the toilet at night. And also you need to be disciplined and check temperature at the same time everyday including weekend! I had a small notebook and a thermometer on my night stand. So what I did was first thing after alarm clock rings, I will grab my thermometer and put in my mouth. Then I will note down my daily temperature in my notebook or just record in your application.

I read so many articles regarding temperature check and ovulation time. Basically ovulation will occur at around half of your cycle (this is the logic that applications use). Normal woman with 28 days cycle, ovulation will fall on day 14 counting from first day of period. So in my case of 33-34 days per cycle, my estimate ovulation should be around day 16-17. This can be detected by a drop of body temperature.


When complete one cycle, the application usually has one function to generate graph from your daily temperature. It will give you more of big picture when you look at the graph instead of bunches of numbers. The temperature will be different in term of decimal points so I suggest to get digital thermometer with at least one decimal point (trust me it is way easier to read and more accurate).

There are 2 stages of body temperature:

  • The low zone: ‘low body temperature’ starting from period day 1 until the day of ovulation where temperature is sharply dipped
  • The high zone: ‘high body temperature’ starting from a day after ovulation until a day before your next cycle starts.

If you are pregnant, temperature will continue to be in the ‘high’ zone. Otherwise when temperature starts to drop then your next cycle is coming.

One year passed, “Nothing happen, No baby yet”.

It’s all about: first doctor visit, our infertility journey#2

Yo-liciously yours,


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