It’s all about: first doctor visit, our infertility journey#2

Our infertility journey #2

In February 2013, we wanted to make sure that both of us did not have any (serious) problems. So we decided to go for fertility check up. There is government subsidy in Singapore for Singaporean/ Permanent Resident couples for fertility treatment. We visited GP in one of the polyclinics nearby our place for the referral letter for fertility clinic at the hospital. When we reached polyclinics, we did not request for any specific doctor as any doctors will do. It was our turn and when we entered the room, ‘surprise’, the doctor was my husband’s school friend.

After we had small talks, the doctor recommended us to NUH National University Hospital for further tests. We made the appointment with Clinic G – Obstetrics & Gynaecology Clinic. Our first visit was around April 2013. Since we were in subsidized program, we were not able to choose the doctor which mean no dedicated doctor for us every time we visit. I had my blood test and PAP smear done and for my husband, he was arranged for the semen collection and I had my second-day period appointment for the ultrasound.

We visited the clinic to hear the result of our tests again about 2 weeks later. It was very long waiting (at least an hour) before our turn to see the doctor even though we were earlier than our appointment time. We saw another doctor and he showed us the results of both our tests. There were few pages for my result and one page for my husband. The doctor told us that both of us were fine and no big issue with fertility. He suggested to still try naturally and come back after few months if still not succeed. We agreed and went home.

I soon discovered a new way of checking ovulation which is called ‘LH test strip’. This strip will test LH or luteinizing hormone where women body will produce to regulate menstrual cycle and ovulation. LH test will indicate ovulation only when the test line is equal or darker than the control line. I bought like 90 strips online and I kept on testing when it was near to my ‘ovulation’ period according to the application on my smart phone (yes, I still used it). So I stopped the daily temperature check. But I had no idea why my test line never become the same or darker color than the control line. Does that mean…I am not ovulating???

“Nothing happen, No baby yet”.

It’s all about: A&E before sun rise, our infertility journey#3

Yo-liciously yours,


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