It’s all about: Ramen Bar Suzuki with free flow side dishes

There are many Japanese ramen restaurants in Singapore that offer free flow hard-boiled eggs which usually go along with ramen. My first time trying ramen at Ramen Bar Suzuki. We reached there around 11.50. The place was quite small which can accommodate around 20 ish customers inside and around 10 outside on high stools. If you come late, there will be long que outside the restaurant.

We wrote our order in an order form, one form for one customer. First to choose type of ramen soup, then the texture of noodles and you can also add more ingredients like seaweed or egg.

We sat down at our table while waiting for our ramen, we can enjoy free flows side dishes. Hard boiled eggs were placed on each table, I like to peel and put in my hot ramen broth. There was a station for spicy bean sprouts and mash potato salad, just take what you can eat.

I ordered Pure white tonkotsu ramen with pork shoulder chashu. There are 2 choices; pork shoulder which is more lean or pork belly. See the size of that chashu pork. It’s huge! Personally I like chashu the most followed by the soup which is not too salty and the flavor is just nice go along with thin noodles.

Love the Japanese tea here. The restaurant provides free cold tea for customers. It has special fragrant and flavor. It was very refreshing after eating hot ramen.

Address: 61 Circular Rd, Singapore 049415

Yo-liciously yours,


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