It’s all about: A&E before sun rise, our infertility journey#3

Our infertility journey #3

It was around 5 am on 2 October 2013 (day 23 of my cycle) I was waken up by stomach ache. I usually have stomach ache and I thought this was just like the other times which will go away after few minutes or up to half an hour for more serious pain. However I was wrong. I couldn’t sleep for an hour and the pain did not go away. It felt like someone was squeezing the juice out of your stomach or intestines or whatever it was. I was sweating in an air-conditioning room but my feet were very cold. About 6 am, I couldn’t take it anymore so we rushed down to the nearest hospital KTPH which we were considered lucky to have one about 10 minutes away from home.

Once we reached A&E, I still needed to do registration and pre check up. I remembered trying to stand up but my tummy didn’t allow me to stand up straight. I was standing like a cook shrimp then the nurse wheeled me a wheelchair. After that I did urine test and wait outside in the waiting area. One nurse came over and asked the level of my pain, I told her it was around 8 out of 10. Then she wheeled me in to the A&E ward and my husband was left outside. After few minutes one doctor came over to examine my stomach. The pain was majority everywhere but more on the right side of the lower stomach. The doctor then explained that stomach ache in men and women were not the same. For women there were many organs and more complicated so he couldn’t rule out whether it was appendix or something else.

Then my husband was called in since the doctor suggested to do CT scan. We discussed and agreed to do the scan. The nurse took my blood to ensure no kidney issue. Then injected me with 5 mg of morphine to reduce the pain. In just about less than a minute, the medicine ran through my body and I couldn’t feel my body, no strength to even sit up. Was it ‘high’ feeling? I requested to ly down but inside A&E there were full of patients. The nurse pushed one extra bed for me and slot me in between 2 beds. I felt very dizzy and my body felt like boiled vegetable, no strength at all.

After waiting for the blood result for the kidney for more than an hour, it was good to go and I changed into hospital gown preparing for CT scan. It was my first time in A&E, foreign country, CT scan, injections, and ALONE. My husband wasn’t allowed to come in so he waited outside for many hours with no news about his wife.

No more pain after the morphine but I still on the bed. The nurse pushed my bed to the room with big silver machine for the scan. I moved from the bed to very cold table-like. My hands were very cold, I was very scared. I was told that the machine will inject medicine through my arm where I had one needle already poked into my skin. But before the procedure started, the nurse injected water into my body and also my bottom! I was not sure why but it was like to test for the fluid flow. Then it stared, the machine told me what to do like take a deep breath and hold. Once the medicine was injected to my body, I felt sudden warmth. It was not painful feeling but more uncomfortable. The machine repeated the same process 3 times then I was done and moved on to the X-Ray.

I was pushed out on my old extra bed to the same slot between beds again. While waiting for result of CT scan, I was given one bag of saline which last about 4 hours. After the result was out, the doctor came back and told me that there was water in my right side of reproductive organ and some water also in the liver. I was then referred to specialist to do further check which the hospital will send letter of appointment to us later. At this time, my husband came in. I cried when I saw him because I was very scared and thinking that this was the reason we cannot conceive. Around noon, I was discharged and went home. I had fever the day after and also sore throat.

I didn’t wait for the hospital to arrange for the specialist. A week after, I went to GP to request for referral letter. I went to one specialist at private clinic in Mouth Elizabeth Hospital. After examination, the doctor concluded to me that I had PCOS – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. He looked at my previous tests which I brought with me from NUH and it was stated that I had PCOS as well. However it was not conveyed to us from the doctor at NUH.

“Nothing happen, No baby yet”.

It’s all about: PCOS, our infertility journey#4

Yo-liciously yours,


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