It’s all about: protecting your hair from chlorine

When I started my swimming routine for only a week, I realized my hair was very dry and fussy from the chlorine in the swimming pool. I have long straight hair and every time I brush my hair, they all tangled which never happen before, so frustrated. So instead of just washing with only normal shampoo as usual, I started 3 steps for my hair treatment.

Step 1 shampoo: I tried to change shampoo but my hair still not better. Until I found this shampoo from L’Oreal kids. Usually kid shampoo has lesser chemical and gentle on the hair and scalp. L’Oreal kids has few shampoo products and the one I got is especially for swim and sport. I felt that this shampoo did help to remove the chlorine smell and left with nice orangey scent. I have been using this shampoo after swimming. I would recommend to those who love to swim but facing the same hair damage problem.

Step 2 conditioner: Normally I do not use hair conditioner because I feel that it left my hair with greasy feeling, like washing hair not clean. However, I found that using conditioner only at the tip of the hair would help to repair the damage. Any kinds of hair conditioner would do in my opinion. The one that I got was coconut oil conditioner from Thailand. I only put at the tip of my hair and leave it on for about 1-2 minutes before rinsing off. I heard that coconut oil is very good on the hair to make your hair thickening and shiny.

Step 3 hair serum or leave on conditioner: Cool blow dry is good for the hair. I do not like to use hot air to dry my hair as it will damage the hair even more. Once my hair is not so wet I will put the hair serum on at the tip of the hair and run my fingers through my hair. Just use one pump of the serum is enough. I got this hair serum from Thailand but actually any other oil based hair leave on treatment is ok. Then I will leave my hair to dry naturally.

Now my hair is soft and no longer dry and fussy.

Lastly I recommended to get a silicone swimming cap, the one that professional swimmers use. It helps to prevent about 90% of chlorine to damage your hair. Your hair will be mostly dry under the cap.

Yo-liciously yours,


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