It’s all about: PCOS, our infertility journey#4

Our infertility journey# 4

I was so scared and very disappointed when the doctor first told us that I have PCOS. Maybe this was all along the reason why we cannot conceive. I was very sad.

When we were referred to specialist at Mouth Elizabeth, the doctor explained to me about PCOS. Normally alternate ovary will produce few eggs each month or each cycle. Only one dominant egg will grow to the size that is ready to be fertilized. The rest of the ungrown eggs will slowly die out and disappear. The dominant egg will then move out from ovary to fallopian tube. For those with PCOS, there will not be dominant egg but all small eggs that are not the right size. No egg will be released or no ovulation in this sense.

Refer to my case of stomach ache due to fluid in my reproductive organ, the small eggs which didn’t grow to the right size changed into water bag. Usually for women with PCOS, the obvious symptoms would include long and irregular cycle due to no ovulation, overweight and diabetes. For myself, it was still considered not so bad since my cycle is regular even though it was longer than usual 28 days and I am not overweight but in face a bit under weight.

I made another appointment with NUH clinic again. This time we saw lady doctor. She read the past record and confirmed that I have PCOS but nothing to worry about because my cycle is regular. Polycyclic Ovary Syndrome is quite common and still can try for baby. I came home and did some research online and many women with PCOS can still have baby even naturally. So my hope was still there. Some articles suggested to eat more duck egg, soy bean milk and dark green vegetables.

It’s all about: finally I am ovulated, our infertility journey#5

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