It’s all about: finally I am ovulated, our infertility journey#5

Our infertility journey #5

We went back to Bangkok in November 2014. I had an appointment with fertility doctor there. I was given pills Clomiphene Citrate 50 mg (Ovinum) to help me ovulate which needed to be taken on day 3-7 of the cycle, 2 pills a day in the morning and at night. I wrote down some symptoms that I had:

  • 7 Nov 14 (day 3): Took first pill
  • 17 Nov 14 (day 13): LOVE
  • 21 Nov 14 (day 17): Got discharge like egg white LOVE
  • 23 Nov 14 (day 19): Tummy ache and backache
  • 24 Nov 14 (day 20): Sensitive nipples LOVE
  • 25 Nov 14 (day 21): Sensitive nipples and tummy ache
  • 6 Dec 14 (day 32): Tired and very sleepy

When my period was late by a day, I was so frustrated because I did not want my cycle to be prolonged and irregular. On 9 December 2014 (day 35), I felt like period cramp but I had a feeling that I should do the test and so I did. I waited for about 1-2 minutes and as expected one line. I threw it away in my toilet dustbin. My husband had Christmas party with his friends so I bought my own dinner. At night before we go to bed, I was brushing my teeth and then something told me to pick up the test from the dustbin. When I looked at it, it was fainted ‘second’ line there. I rushed out from the toilet and show my husband the test. We both saw 2 lines!


The next morning I did the test again with my first morning urine. AGHHHH definitely 2 lines there. We were very excited and didn’t expect this at all. I went to office as usual but I had diarrhea together with lower back ache. I couldn’t sleep well at night because my stomach was uncomfortable. The next day I went to see GP after 2 times diarrhea in the morning. The doctor suspected I had stomach flu with slight fever at 37.4 C. I told doctor about my home pregnancy test so he refered me to specialist at NUH.

Waiting at the hospital I was very nervous. When it was my turn, the doctor did ultrasound on my tummy. She said there were few follicles in the ovary but cannot find any baby sack so she did vaginal ultrasound but again saw nothing.  I was arranged for blood test for beta HCG. 2 hours of waiting, the result came out and my HCG was 47 U/L. The doctor told me to relax and maybe it was too early to see anything at that point.

  • 12 Dec 14 (day 38): Diarrhea and tummy ache
  • 13 Dec 14 (day 39): Tummy ache and period-like cramp
  • 15 Dec 14 (day 41): Left side tummy pain every 1-2 hours, lower back pain and needed to ly down on sofa and put hot pack to reduce the pain

It was on 16 December 2014 that I cried like nobody business. I reached office in the morning then I felt something was not right. I went to the toilet and I was spotting. I rushed down to nearest hospital SGH Singapore General Hospital. At A&E, I did urine test and went in the waiting area with husband. Then I saw the doctor on duty. He said the urine test was negative and requested for blood test for me. While waiting, I went to toilet couple of times and there were more and more blood clot coming out. I already knew it was the end. After 2 hours waiting for the result, finally it came. We went back in to see doctor and my beta HCG went down to 8.2 U/L. We were told that this was called something like “early miscarriage” or chemical pregnancy.

My heart sank.

Three years passed, “Nothing happen, No baby yet”.

It’s all about: giving up, our infertility journey#6

Yo-liciously yours,


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