It’s all about: salty candy? Salt and Lemon make perfect couple

It all started when my husband bought his first Nikon DSLR. We signed up for free beginner course at Nikon office after office hour. The instructor is Nikon staff and ever month he will conduct this free course for 2-3 times. Each course limits number of attendances and everyone needs to bring their DSLR because it is a hands on class.

However the point was not to focus on camera but the candy that was left for each participant on the table. This was when I was introduced to very yummy candy ever! This candy is salt and lemon which every time I think of it, my mouth starts watering. The flavor was a combination of salty, little sour and little sweet. I loved it so much but too bad I didn’t ask the instructor where he bought this candies.

I searched everywhere but I couldn’t find exactly the brand. Until one day, we went to the market and found salt and lemon candy at Value $ shop. I believed the first candy I tasted was from Japan but this one that I found was from Malaysia. It was not quite the same. The Japanese one was more sour throughout until it finished in your mouth. The Malaysian one was less sour and more salty but overall the taste was nice. I like to have this candy when I travel either on the train or bus. It helps me with motion sickness.

Yo-liciously yours,


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