It’s all about: giving up, our infertility journey#6

Our infertility journey #6

It was already 2015, and very busy year for both of us. My husband changed job which require more travelling and always busy with his workshop and training. For me I was struggling with work as the company was going through re-organization with frozen headcount and numbers of people left the job. More responsibilities were distributed to the rest who stayed. It was very stressful year.

We were still trying for baby. I took another round of Clomiphene Citrate 50 mg in February 2015. This time was not as lucky as last time. With our busy schedules, we decided to try naturally and not to arrange for doctor appointment.

During this year, lots of our friends and colleagues had great news with their babies along the way. Every time I saw someone posted on Facebook of their baby ultrasound or baby clothes or baby bumps, I cried. I felt happy for them but at the same time it hit me very hard. Why am I not able to conceive? It was very tough on me and also on us especially when people asked ‘when are you going to have a baby?’ or ‘why don’t you have a baby yet?’. At one point, the thought of giving up came across my mind.

One day my husband came home from work. He shared with me about his ex colleague who suddenly contacted him after few years. Out of the blue, she asked him about our baby plan. She also had difficulty to get pregnant and now she has 2 beautiful twin daughters. After hearing our story, we arranged for meet up at her place on one of the weekend. She shared her experience which her one side of fallopian tube was blocked. They were trying for IUI 2 times but not succeed. So she went to see Chinese doctor and ate Chinese medicine for a year. Then her first round of IVF was successful. She introduced us her doctor at private clinic at NUH .

There we made an appointment with prof PC Wong at NUH special clinic. Our first appointment was on 19 December 2015. It was my first day of period so I went for blood test because some of the results I took few years back were not usable. Husband also needed to arrange for semen test. At first I was going to request to go straight for IVF In Vitro Fertilization but prof Wong wanted us to try for IUI Intrauterine insemination which was less invasive first. In order to do IUI, I needed to do a test to make sure my fallopian tubes were not blocked. Since it was my first day of period, I was arranged for the test 2 weeks later.

Four years passed, “Nothing happen, No baby yet”.

Total bill: S$618.40

  1. Wife blood test: S$434.40
  2. Husband blood test: S$119.80
  3. Semen analysis: S$64.20

It’s all about: HSG Hysterosalpingogram, our infertility journey#7

Yo-liciously yours,


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