It’s all about: HSG Hysterosalpingogram, our infertility journey#7

Our infertility journey #7

I had an appointment for HSG Hysterosalpingogram (fancy word which I cannot even pronounce) or fallopian tube check around day 10 of my cycle. This is to ensure that I was not pregnant and my period finished. The check is to see if there is any blockage in my fallopian tubes.

On 28 December 2015, my appointment was after lunch. We reached the hospital little early. After registered we were asked to wait in the waiting area. There was one couple already there. It was very long waiting which my fear became more and more every single minute. About an hour later, one nurse came to the other couple. The wife went to change and went into the room.

Then the nurse came to me and explained about HSG procedure. What to expect and what to do afterwards. She gave me papers to read and sign before the procedure. Then I went to change to hospital gown. About 20 minutes the previous lady came out from the room. I was then called in. My hands were sweating, I was very scared.

In the room, there were few equipments: big x-ray machine, monitor which show the x-ray result and other machines which I do not know what they are for. As I ly down on very cold metal table, my hands became more sweaty. Then suddenly the doctor shouted from the room next door which was connected to this room asking the nurse to get previous lady to wait. I didn’t know what happen but the doctor went out for a while.

The nurse came to my side and tried to comfort me. The doctor came back and she explained the steps. Then a male nurse came in to operate the x-ray machine while the lady nurse held my hand. The dye was injected in and x-ray immediately show the result on the screen. It was painful especially when the dye went in. It felt like someone is grabbing your womb very tight and at the same time pressing so hard on your lower stomach. X-ray machine took few pictures until the doctor had the clear x-ray pictures. The whole process took around 15 minutes then it was over. I was so relieved.

The nurse gave me one sanitary pad as I can expect some dye which has no color and some bleeding. I came out and changed. No more pain. My husband was waiting for me anxiously outside and when I came out he rushed to me. Apparently the previous lady came out and she couldn’t walk due to the pain. We paid for the bill and rushed back to work. That day I had some bleeding not fresh blood, more like last day of period blood, about size of small lime.

We had our appointment with prof PC Wong to hear the results 2 days later. Good news! My fallopian tubes were fine and no blockage.

Total bill: S$293.68

  1. HSG: S$227.38
  2. Consultation for HSG result: S$66.30

Yo-liciously yours,


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