It’s all about: TCM Chinese medicine, our infertility journey#8

Our infertility journey #8

On 16 January 2016, we went to Thong Chai Medical Institution for TCM Chinese medicine near China town. The treatment here is free of charge with donation from individuals, public and private sectors in Singapore. After registration, we requested for doctor who can speak English. The first visit was on Saturday but subsequently needed to be on weekday.

The doctor wanted me to check temperature every morning. Yes, back to the old way. She gave me paper with tables to plot the graph for daily temperature. I needed to do this for one cycle and came back after my next period started.

After one month plus, my period came so I went back to see her on Monday after lunch. She prescribed me some Chinese medicines to take for the week. There were like 15 things in the package.

Instruction given:

  • Boil 3 bowls of water with one package of medicine about 45 minutes to an hour until medicine reduces to 1 bowl (first boil)
  • Pour out the medicine and boil again with 2.5 bowls of water until reduce to 1 bowl (second boil)
  • Combine first and second boil (2 bowls) and take only half of the medicine. The rest of a bowl keep in refrigerator for the following day

So I am scheduled to see the doctor once a week. Each time I will be given 2 packages of medicine for 4 days. The doctor adjusted the medicine to suit my body each time I saw her. If my period starts, I need to skip the medicine. Chinese believes that the medicine helps stimulate blood flow so period will take away the goodness from the medicine.

Yo-liciously yours,


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