It’s all about: full preparation for first time IUI but never proceed, our infertility journey#9

Our infertility journey #9

We planned for IUI around April but because of my husband business trip oversea we needed to postponed. I was prescribed Clomiphene Citrate 50 mg to be taken daily starting from day 2 till day 6 of menstrual cycle. When my period started, I called in for TOO Time Of Ovulation on day 12 of the cycle to check the size of my follicle.

However prof PC Wong was on leave the week of my TOO and possible ovulation date. So I saw another doctor instead. My first IUI cycle started:

  • 6 May 16 (day 2): took Clomiphene Citrate first day
  • 16 May 16 (day 12): TOO follicle 12.5 mm each side, endometrium 9 mm
  • 19 May 16 (day 15): follicle 16.5 mm right and 18.5 mm left, endometrium 12 mm

You will need to have one dominant egg with the size of 18 mm or more and endometrium of at least 8 mm for the possible fertilization.

The doctor told me that the best date for IUI will be on Saturday (day 17) but unfortunately the clinic is closed due to public holiday. Therefore we needed to forego this round of IUI and try naturally without any ovulation trigger shot.

There are 2 documents needed for IUI; signed consent paper and marry certification.

I did home LH ovulation test which I was not sure again if I was able to ovulate on my own. The test line was not equal or darker than control line for all 3 tests. Anyway we still tried on our own with high hope since I had a dominant egg and my endometrium was good. However at the end of the day, my period started ON TIME!

Total bill: S$182.34

  1. Clomiphene Citrate 50mg 5 tablets: S$1.34
  2. TOO day 12: S$90.50
  3. TOO day 15: S$90.50

Yo-liciously yours,


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