It’s all about: the yummiest laksa in Yishun, Singapore

Laksa is noodle in spicy soup either in curry coconut milk based or sour soup based from tamarind. Singapore is a diverse country with mixture of nationalities so laksa is one of the representative of this mixture; Paranakan cuisine or Chinese + Malay cuisine. You will find laksa in Singapore and Malaysia even southern part of Thailand.

The one in Singapore that I would strongly recommend is at Yishun, northern side of Singapore. This place is not a fancy restaurant but family run HDB shop which is the shop at the void deck of the public housing. This shop is very famous and lots of people are willing to que for a bowl of laksa.

We reached there at around 1 pm on Saturday. There were about 25-30 people in front of us, it was very long que. Queuing in Singapore is very normal and Singaporeans do not mind waiting in the que. The longer the que the better the food, it’s usually true. So if you see any place with long que means the food must be good.

Finally at 2 pm we got our laksa after an hour of queuing. Apparently the que never shorten. Behind us were another 25-30 people in the que waiting for this yummy laksa. There are limited seats but with long que, you will be able to sit after previous customers finish theirs.

You can choose the noodles of your choice: mian (yellow egg noodle), thick bee hoon (white and round rice noodle) and bee hoon (thin rice noodle). In a bowl there are fish cakes, hard-boiled egg, tofu skin, cockles and bean sprouts. Then pour in the yummy Ā laksa coconut based soup. We didn’t take cockles so instead we got crab stick. You can put curry leaves and curry paste as well.

Trust me once you try this laksa, you will not enjoy much of other places’ laksa anymore.

After the spicy and rich laksa, it will be very refreshing and satisfying to your taste bud with the ice dessert called ice kachang. This is a bowl of very fine shaved ice with syrup, sweet corn and evaporated milk. Underneath the ice mountain, there are red bean, grass jelly and agar agar. Just go to next door shop for this dessert.

Address: 928 Yishun Central 1 (close on Sunday) nearest MRT is Yiishun station

Yo-liciously yours,



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