It’s all about: second round of ovulation pill and first IUI, our infertility journey#10

Our infertility journey #10

After first attempt of IUI was not done as per plan due to the actual ovulation day fell on public holiday, we tried agian for another round of Clomiphene Citrate 50 mg. My appointment for TOO was on day 13 of my cycle this time because day 12 was on Sunday and the clinic was closed.

I reached the clinic for my appointment at 8.55 am. Prof PC Wong was already back from leave. My really first IUI cycle started:

  • 9 Jun 16 (day 2): took Clomiphene Citrate first day
  • 20 Jun 16 (day 13): TOO follicle 19 mm right and 18 mm left, endometrium 8 mm

The doctor said both follicle and endometrium were at ok size so IUI procedure to be arranged on 22 Jun (day 15). I needed injection of Ovidrel 250 mcg to induce ovulation only at 5-6 pm which will take around 36 hours to ovulate. I was given choices; to have injection at the clinic or to do it myself at home. Thinking about poking the needle onto myself, I already felt fainted. So I chose to come back to the clinic in the evening for the injection. I had 7 hours to kill from 10 am to 5 pm so I went home to take a rest first.

The injection was at the tummy area. The nurse pinched the flesh of my tummy and inject the medicine. It was the same pain when you have vaccination but it was more scary because I looked down and saw the needle going in my tummy. Anyway when I reached home at night, there were small bruises around the needle area which supposed to be normal.

I read that the trigger shot will lead to positive ovulation on the LH test strip. So I tested and all came out positive. It was my first time ever that both lines were the same darkness.

22 Jun 16 (day 15): IUI

We woke up early in the morning and called cab down to the hospital. Reached NUH around 7.30 am and it was still early so we went for breakfast at Burger King. We ordered 2 breakfast sets; Turkey Sausage with egg and Turkey Bacon with egg croissant. It was the first time I tried Burger King breakfast and I loved the crispy bacon and hash browns the most.

Then around 8 am my husband prepared for his semen and brought to the lab. We waited at the clinic for appointment at 10 am. I had small tummy cramp and lower back pain since morning.

We were called in around 10.30. The nurse went out to get semen from the lab then she explained to us about the procedure since it was our first time IUI. The washed sperm will be injected directly into uterus by small long tube so there is no need to ly down after the procedure. She told us that a lot of patients read too much on the Internet and thought that after IUI must ly down to prevent the sperm to flow out. In fact there is a closure at the end of uterus so there will not be any leakage.

When the doctor came in, he checked the washed sperm count which is good at 86 millions. Then he did vaginal ultrasound, it was painful as I felt so sensitive since my tummy cramp due to ovulation. Both of follicles already ovulated so he injected washed sperm. The procedure was quick and only took around 5 minutes.

2 weeks of waiting started.

Total bill: S$835.04

  1. Clomiphene Citrate 50mg 5 tablets: S$1.34
  2. TOO day 13: S$90.50
  3. Ovidrel 250mcg injection: S$90.50
  4. Injection service: S$10.70
  5. IUI: S$642

Yo-liciously yours,


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