It’s all about: ThaiExpress, Thai restaurant in Singapore

There are many Thai restaurants in Singapore and one of them is ThaiExpress which has few branches around Singapore. We had lunch at one of the branches in NUH. Sa-Nook all-Day set meals are available on weekdays at $8.90++. There are 3 sets; set A – Black Pepper Chicken with Jasmine Rice, set B – Tom Yum Glass Noodle Chicken Soup, set C – Tamarind Fish with Jasmine Rice.

We ordered set A – Black Pepper Chicken with Tom Kha Chicken soup. Tom Kha is similar to Tom Yum but with coconut milk and more kha or galangal flavor. The soup was nice and a bit spicy. It went well with plain white rice. For black pepper chicken, personally I thought it was more like Chinese dish than Thai. The other that we ordered was set C – Tamarind Fish with mushroom Tom Yum soup. Tom Yum soup was ok but a little too sweet and the aroma was still not there yet. I didn’t think that the tamarind fish was Thai dish anyway the taste was good.

We ended the meals with sweet red ruby dessert. Red ruby is named as it looks like ruby. The dessert is made from water chestnuts coated in red syrup then coated few rounds with flour before boiling them. Then it is served with coconut milk and crushed ice.

Yo-liciously yours,


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