It’s all about: Yong Tow Foo, fishball and assorted tofu soup

Yong Tow Foo or Yong Tau Foo is Chinese cuisine which include stuff tofu either with fish paste or mince meat. From what I experienced this dish in Singapore, there are 2 types of Yong Tow Foo. First type is where you can choose what ingredients you want on your plate (for dry) or bowl (for soup). There are variety of food; vegetables, fish cake, fish ball, seaweed, hard boiled egg, tofu and many other choices. Yong Tow Foo is usually eaten with noodles or rice with special pink or red sweet sauce and chilli sauce.

The second type is the one I had. There are only few main ingredients that you don’t have to pick yourself. I went to one of Kopitiam foodcourts. We ordered one Yong Tow Foo without any rice or noodles which had 7 items in the soup; fishball, stuff tofu with fish paste, soft tofu and fish cake wrapped in tofu skin. The other that we ordered was with dry yellow noodles which has 5 similar items in the soup. The best of this dish was the soup which was very flavorful.

Yo-liciously yours,


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